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Web Crawler Episode One "Losing Sophie" Film Trailer 
Online release 24th July 2021.
Trailer runtime 2 minutes 17 seconds.  IFR Cert. PG (Parental Guide).

Two Police Detectives Cane & Lavier follow a trail of murdered assassins which leads back to the school days of two of the victims. An interview with the dead assassins old teacher uncovers a link to their passion of predicting the future and in turn the theory of changing the past. With the loss of Laviers Fiancé through a tragic accident, he starts to push Cane for answers on his approach to police work where he always comes out on top in the most dangerous of situations. Is Cane just lucky or is there more to his web of predictions and will Lavier find a way to bring back the love of  his life.      

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Web Crawler Movie
Web Ctawler Movie
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