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Indie Film Rocket yearly membership for Film Watchers launching 1st June 2021.

Film Watching (8 guaranteed releases

You will receive 8 Indie Film Rocket Original releases. 
Every release is time sensitive and only available for one month (30 days from release) with the exception of episodes for series available 90 days from their first release date.
As each release is due,  you will be notified of the new Indie Film Rocket schedule with its unique streaming page and password.
As a Private Membership each Film / Series has a description of film age classification from Indie Film Rocket fully detailed.  
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Pre-Launch Cinema Premieres to consider attending with member priority tickets before public release / pricing via the ticket logo.
Indie Film Rocket Exclusive Cinema Premieres.
"Web Crawler" Exclusive Series Episode One TBA 2021
"All The Lonely People" Exclusive Film TBA 2021 
Web Crawler
all the lonely people
indie film rocket
Film Watcher Membership - Join before launch date 1st June 2021 to receive 25% discount (Normal price £25).   
Become a film watching member now and receive 25% off your yearly membership fee. You’ll receive all the benefits of the Film viewing membership when Indie Film Rocket launches on 1st March 2021 for only £18.75  
Click on the spacewoman to consider each membership before purchase. (Please note that the Film Watcher Membership does not include the Film Maker benefits). 
Film Maker Membership - join before launch date 1st June 2021 to receive 25% discount (Normal Price £50).   
Become a yearly Film Maker member now and receive 25% off your membership fee.
Receive all the benefits of how selected Films / Episodes are made on this platform with educational documentaries throughout your membership including free Premiere attendances within your term when Indie Film Rocket launches on 1st March 2021 for just £37.50 
Click on the spaceman to consider each membership before purchase.
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Join now before launch date of the 1st June 2021 and receive 25% of your Yearly Membership plan.

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