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You will receive 6 Indie Film Rocket Original and 4 handpicked alternative releases. 
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As each release is due,  you will be notified of the new Indie Film Rocket schedule with its unique streaming page and password.
As a Private Membership each Film / Series has a description of film age classification from Indie Film Rocket fully detailed.  
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Indie Film Rocket Exclusive Cinema Premieres.
"All The Lonely People" Exclusive Film Friday 2nd July  @ The I AM Film Festival
"Web Crawler" Exclusive Series Episode Saturday 3rd July @ The I AM Film Festival
"Wanting" Exclusive Film September 2021
"Full House" Exclusive Film October 2021
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Web Crawler
"Web Crawler" Exclusive Series Episode One 
Losing Sophie On-Line Release Saturday 24th July.
Web Crawler Movie
all the lonely people.png
"All The Lonely People" Exclusive Film
On-Line Release on Saturday 31st July.
Web Ctawler Movie
Early viewing of Episode 2 Web Crawler - "Past Changing" for July membership  joiners 
Saturday 24th July.
Web Crawler Episode One "Losing Sophie" Film Trailer 2021 Runtime 2 minutes 17 seconds IFR Viewing Cert. PG (Parent Guidance). 
"Man Down" Exclusive Series Episode One -
The Insight  On-Line Release Saturday 17th July.
Film Director Gaz Papworth discusses his ambitions with this documentary Man Down and his own experiences on Mental Health.
Fire Fighter Pete Saunders & Graham Le Maitre of the St John Ambulance & Rescue Service explain the pressures involved with Emergency Services. John Halker Psychotherapist on the App "Better Stop Suicide" plus Mother Sarah reflects on her sons suicide and how she believes things could have been different. 
Official Poster Wanting 2021.jpg
Full House Poster.jpg
"Wanting" Exclusive Film
On-Line Release September 2021. 
"Full House" Exclusive Film 
On-Line Release October 2021. 
indie film rocket
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For aspiring and established Directors, Actors and Film Makers, watch educational videos on selected Indie Film Rocket Original releases as listed with your watchers benefits and gain Insights in to the mechanics of Indie Film Rocket Originals including documentaries and educational experience evaluations on and off set.