For aspiring and established Directors, Actors and Film-Makers, watch educational videos on selected Indie Film Rocket Original releases as listed with your watchers benefits and gain Insights in to the mechanics of Indie Film Rocket Originals including documentaries and educational experience evaluations on and off set.

Educational and "Making Of" Videos from "Originals" Exclusive film releases on this platform.



Script writing 


Film scheduling / Risk assessment

Budget, planning & costs 

Filming scene breakdowns

Directors & Actors skill-sets 

Editing / Colour grade and sound design


Cast and crew interviews with each Indie Film Rocket movie release plus up and coming guest Film Makers from within the Indie Film Industry.


Every release is time sensitive and only available for one month (30 days from release) with the exception of episodes for series available 90 days from their first release date.

As each release is due,  you will be notified of the new scheduled Indie Film Rocket releases and their unique streaming pages including passwords.

As a Private Membership each Film / Series has a description of film age classification from Indie Film Rocket detailed on each release within its unique streaming page.  


Film Watching (8 guaranteed releases) 

You will receive 8 Indie Film Rocket Original releases to watch throughout your yearly membership plan. 

Education Zone (6 guaranteed releases) 

Educationally you will also receive 6 documentary / educational releases on how Indie Film Rocket Originals are made supplying you with detailed knowledge, strategy and execution of what's needed to make high quality independent films from the original concept to releasing the finished article on the big screen.


Filmmaking Masterclasses (6 guaranteed releases)

Independent film Masterclass releases from Multi Award-Winning Film Director and Qualified Coach Paul J Lane every 2 months.


Cinema Premieres to consider attending with member priority tickets before public release.

Film-Maker Yearly Membership (20 Guaranteed Releases).

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