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Indie Film Rocket Exclusive Documentary Man Down Trailer. (Narrated by Shaun Dooley)
Indie Film Rocket Exclusive Documentary Trailer Film Trailer Man Down from Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker Gaz Papworth
Episode One & Two On-Line Release now
An Award Winning Documentary about male mental health. "Together we can remove the stigma and know that it's okay not to be okay"
Trailer runtime 1 minutes 46 Seconds. IFR Viewing Cert. PG (Over 18)
Indie Film Rocket Exclusive Documentary Man Down
July 2021 Episode 1:  The Insight.
Film Director Gaz Papworth discusses his ambitions with this documentary Man Down and his own experiences on Mental Health.
Fire Fighter Pete Saunders & Graham Le Maitre of the St John Ambulance & Rescue Service explain the pressures involved with Emergency Services. John Halker Psychotherapist on the App "Better Stop Suicide" plus Mother Sarah reflects on her sons suicide and how she believes things could have been different

August Episode 2:  After War.
Anthony Oliver Paramedic Winchman discusses his role as a UK Coastguard and the support he's needed in the past
Martins longstanding tours and recovery  / CPL Tompson explains more
September  Episode 3:  Man Club
David's connection to the Man Club - Phillips explanation plus Sam and Gregory's reflections
October Episode 4:  The Wilderness.
Julian's Step In to The Wilderness  / Gregory on dealing With Trauma
November Episode 5:  Prison
A way back to normality for Ben / Senior Prison Officer Chris Jordan on Mental Health within Prisons

IFR Viewing Cert. PG (Over 18)
Final Edit Mina Full HD.00_12_03_09.Stil



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