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Indie Film Rocket Original Film Castings. 
The Full House.
PROTAGONIST 2 Name: April Carter
Age: Late 30’s - early 40’s
Living Situation: Living with her daughter Maddie (22) in a nice London flat, which looks more like a painting studio judging by the amount of paintings and canvases around.
Occupation: Criminal, painter, vigilante Family Life: Was engaged to Tony Beck, a gang leader in London.
Has a daughter with Tony called Maddie who is 22 years old. April called it quits with Tony 9 years ago when he killed Ava, even when April defended her. Since then April has been doing her best to keep Maddie away from Tony, but Tony’s ego keeps him forcing his way back into their lives and still sees April as “his”. Traumas: Doesn’t really have any traumas.
She was born with a psychopath gene, and has sociopathic tendencies so it’s hard for her to feel. Her weakness is Maddie, she is the only person she can feel true and honest love for. Which is why April is surprised at how she feels about Ava’s death. Bad habits: Killing criminals in gruesome ways, all inspired by Maddie’s artwork. Police cannot figure out that April is the killer responsible for vigilante justice. Characteristics Psychopath, Sociopathic tendencies, manipulative, cunning, artistic, war obsessed, sadistic, clever Aspirations: Doesn’t really have any. Just takes life as it comes. But would like to see Tony in his grave. Skills: Gun handling, martial arts, krav maga, painting, Pet hates: People who self censor for the benefit of others Secret: Somehow, she feels guilty for Ava’s death. Their idea of a perfect night: Getting vigilante justice with Maddie by her side, making one of Maddie’s drawings come to life. That, or painting one of her war paintings with a nice glass of red wine.
Relationship status: Single.
Fears: Tony hurting Maddie. Treasures: Her & Maddie’s art collection. Who & What is she to Jacob? To Jacob, she is the devil on his shoulder. She is the bad influence he was secretly wishing for to push him to do what he’s wanted all these years.
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