The licencing for Indie Film Rocket is described below for all those who wish to apply covering Films (Feature & Short) and Episodes/Series.
Each film submitted to Indie Film Rocket via will be considered and, if chosen to be shown on the Indie Film Rocket platform, will be offered a licencing contract. The terms applicable to the licencing contract will depend on which Indie Film Rocket ‘streaming service’ is confirmed.
Indie Film Rocket Licensing for 20 Filmmakers from 1st October 2020 until 30th September 2021.
A period of 30 days exclusive licensing for all territories individually stated for the Indie Film Rocket website streaming service ( and thereafter non-exclusive. Filmmakers will receive their pro rata payment on the 12 month of their licensing contract to gain maximum share of profits.
Filmmaker footage can be used by Indie Film Rocket for advertising/marketing purposes and may be re-shown as re-runs during the 1-year of signing, depending on membership and subscriber demand. (No business or marketing costs are passed on to the licensed filmmaker).
Indie Film Rocket dedicate 2 placements for Student Filmmakers per year with guidance and support in line with their University / College educational criteria.
Films shown on Indie Film Rocket will be considered for inclusion within the I AM Film Festival hosted annually. Films shown on Indie Film Rocket will also be entered into a separate ‘Indie Film Rocket Awards’ competition exclusively for Indie Film Rocket filmmakers. Entries for the ‘Best Film’ and ‘Best Series’ categories will be voted upon by Indie Film Rocket members. The first Indie Film Rocket Awards will be held in October 2021 alongside the 3rd annual I AM Film Awards, of which event tickets are deemed separate to the Filmmakers License Agreement and will be offered separately.
20 Filmmakers (A selection chosen each month / yearly license). 
20 Filmmakers licensed for one year through the Indie Film Rocket website streaming service including 2 student Filmmakers in accordance with their Universities.  
Indie Film Rocket Original Movies both short and featured  will not be used in this profit section unless a suitable film cannot be found for a particular  week/month including Series / Episodes).
Costs for marketing are paid by the remaining part of the company's income stream profit outside the licensed films protected percentage of profit collectively. 18 films will amalgamate the company profit shared inline with their agreed percentages.
20 Filmmakers including 2 Student Filmmakers will receive 40% profit divided equally of all Indie Film Rocket income stream from within their period of 12 months at the end of their term and no bare of marketing costs.
10% is allocated to 4 filmmakers making Series & Episodes as explained below.
The remaining 50% of the business (Education Zone & Indie Film Rocket Originals) is where all marketing costs will be placed. 
Episodes / Series - 4 Film makers per year (1 Filmmaker every 3 months covering 1 episode / series per month).
A film can be considered as Episodes/Series if it can be reasonably split in to 3 sections to be run over the 3 month period.
Additionally the final episode must conclude in the story arc. 
A period of 3 months exclusive licensing - 1 episode per month - 3 episodes in total individually stated for the Indie Film Rocket website streaming service ( and thereafter non exclusive with reference to advertising/marketing and reruns within the 12 months of signing.
There is also potential inclusion  for The I AM Film Festival official nominations within 12 months of signing.
Exclusive meaning - The film cannot be viewed anywhere else within period stated and if already available elsewhere, must be withdrawn until after the Exclusive period has ended). 
The 4 Filmmakers of Series / Episodes will receive 10% of profit divided equally from their period of 12 months at the end of the term.
One episode each month over a 3 month period (3 episodes in total) and then the next film maker will be released in the 2nd quarter.
Filmmaker 1 
Releases the following 
1st October 2020 Episode 1
1st November 2020 Episode 2 
1st December 2020 Final Episode 3
Filmmaker 2
1st January 2021 Episode 1
1st February 2021 Episode 2 
1st March 2021 Final Episode 3 
Filmmaker 3
1st April 2021 Episode 1 
1st May 2021 Episode 2
1st June 2021 Final Episode 3 
Filmmaker 4 
1st July 2021 Episode 1
1st August 2021 Episode 2 
1st September 2021  Final Episode 3 
Award Winning Films for Indie Film Rocket Members  
Multi Award Winning Films. 
12 Previous Multi Award Winning films will receive 7% of profit from their period of 12 months at the end of the term. 
Behind The Scenes Material.
All supplied including photography with a view for promotion and included in share of profit.   
Marketing for chosen films will not commence until it is confirmed by both sides that the films cannot be seen elsewhere during the 30 day agreed exclusive period of licensing. 
The only exceptions will be private screenings through already confirmed Film Festivals. 
Indie Film Rocket Film Series Streaming Platform. 
Films / Episodes / Series will only be used inside the Indie Film Rocket platform and nowhere else apart from when advertising highlighted parts of each Film / Episode / Series or Film Trailers .
Advertising & Branding.
Advertising and Indie Film Rocket Branding can be used inside and outside the length of the film / episode / series.   
Film ownership.
By signing the licencing agreement you are confirming that you are the legal owner of the film / Series / Episodes.
Feature / Short Film & Episode/Series Format.
Upon signing the licencing agreement you must supply a full high definition format via a file transfer platform. (1920 x 1080). Semi HD maybe accepted in some circumstances.
Film & Episode Trailers.
Each film must include a trailer and if it does not, please enquire about our Indie Film Rocket Movie Trailer service.
Film Posters.
Each film must include an electronic Film Poster acceptable to the standard required for Indie Film Rocket (jpeg or png at least 1280x720 ) and if it does not, please enquire about our electronic Film Poster service. 
About Indie Film Rocket.
Click on the about icon to find out more on the inspiration behind Indie Film Rocket. 
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