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Movie Makers & Watchers Yearly Membership.
For aspiring and established Directors, Actors and Movie Makers, watch educational videos on selected Indie Film Rocket Original releases as listed with your watchers benefits and gain Insights in to the mechanics of Indie Film Rocket Originals including documentaries and educational experience evaluations on-set.
Educational and "Making Of" Videos from "Originals" film releases on this platform throughout the year.
Script writing 
Film scheduling / Risk assessment
Budget, planning & costs 
Filming scene breakdowns
Directors & Actors skill-sets 
Editing / Colour grade and sound design
Cast and crew interviews with each Indie Film Rocket movie release plus up and coming guest Film Makers from within the Indie Film Industry.
Also included material for  Movie Makers & Watchers.
18 award winning & new independent cinematic films with 4 series over a 12 month period including Indie Film Rocket Originals.
Every film and article is time sensitive and only available for one month (30 days from release) with the exception of episodes for series available 90 days from their first release date.
Each month  you will be notified of the new scheduled Indie Film Rocket releases and their unique streaming pages for each film including passwords.
As a Private Membership each Film / Series has a description of film age classification from Indie Film Rocket detailed on each release within its unique streaming page.  
Yearly Quarter One Schedule
December Indie Film Rocket Exclusive Premieres.
1st December 2020 "Going Back To The Start" Educational Documentary from the series Web Crawler 
7th December 2020 "Web Crawler" Exclusive Series Episode 1 of 3.
15th December 2020 "All The Lonely People" Exclusive Premiere Film.
January Indie Film Rocket Exclusive Premieres.
1st January 2021 "Web Crawler" Exclusive Series Episode 2 of 3.
15th January 2020 "Stay Awake" Exclusive Premiere Film
February Indie Film Rocket Exclusive Premieres.
1st February 2021 "Web Crawler" Exclusive Series Episode 3 of 3.
15th March 2021  "Planet Mayhem" Exclusive Premiere Film.
Web Crawler
Stay Awake
all the lonely people
Indie Film Rocket Members Film Reviews (Video Uploads).
With Indie Film Rocket full Makers & Watchers membership, you have the option to review each film and send in videos of your balanced thoughts and comments ultimately leading to voting for the film of the year and the best Directors, Actors and Actresses for the Indie Film Rocket Awards in December 2021.
Every video you send via will be reviewed and uploaded via our streaming service enhancing each monthly release. Shortly after you officially join, you will receive instructions on best practise for film reviews. 
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